Direct Sales & Service Network - India

Anest Iwata Motherson believes in giving DIRECT service to its customers. The company wants its customers to talk to it directly so that support can be provided to them in the quickest possible way. If the customer needs any service, spares, or has any technical query, he can contact the following:

All India Compressor Service Network

Sl.No Name Email ID Contact No.
(Add '0' for outstation calls)
Deptt. Location
1 Alkesh Singh Tomar ahmedabadserviceafe@gmail.com 9712566622 Service Ahmedabad
2 Avinash Reddy service.afb@gmail.com 9471117393 Service Bangalore
3 Praveen K.S service.afb@gmail.com 9902999344 Service
5 Manikandan manikandan.afechennai@gmail.com 9940654561 Service Chennai
6 P. Arun arunafechennai@gmail.com 9840765988 Service
7 Supratim Majumdar asamservice@gmail.com 8527005572 Service Guwahati
8 Taj-ud-din tajuddin.af@gmail.com 9908570444 Service Hyderabad
9  D.R.N Reddy hyderabadservice@aim.motherson.com 8008266031 Service
10 Ajeet Pratap Singh ajeetsingh.j@gmail.com 9982343842 Service Jaipur
11 Tuhin biswas kolkataserviceafe@gmail.com 9831148220 Service Kolkata
12 Kartick Mondal kartick.aim@gmail.com 9339874545 Service
13 Umashankar Yadav umashankar.afe@gmail.com 9810167072 Service Ludhiana
14 Jitesh jiteshhulavale@gmail.com 9699609333 Service Mumbai
15 Sonu Tyagi noidaservice.sonu@gmail.com 8826212228 Service Noida
16 Rahul Rathor rahulkrrathor@gmail.com 9910698393 Service
17 Anurag Aawasthi aawasthi83@gmail.com 8800777467 Service
18 Abhishek Kumar Singh airfactorydelhi@gmail.com 8527005576 Service
19 Daya Kishan   9560499711 Service
20 Manoj Kumar manoj.service@aim.motherson.com 9818949992 Service
21 Rakesh Rajput scr@aim.motherson.com 9650010273 Service

All India Compressor Sales Network

Name Email ID Contact No.
(Add '0' for outstation calls)
Deptt. Location
Shivendra Pratap Singh amd@aim.motherson.com 9099472222 Sales Ahmedabad
Shareef F.S.N bangalore@aim.motherson.com 9902999433 Sales Bangalore
Dinesh Babu chennaisales@aim.motherson.com 9940654560 Sales Chennai
Inbarajan projects.chennai@aim.motherson.com 9940667456 Sales
C.A. Jayaprasad cbe@aim.motherson.com 9176558375 Sales Coimbatore
M.S. Reddy hyderabad@aim.motherson.com 9866000499 Sales Hyderabad
Ganesh Kumar mp@aim.motherson.com 9650655443 Sales Indore
Dileep Kumar kanpursales@aim.motherson.com 9984381736 Sales Kanpur
Priyadarshi Haldhar kolkatasales@aim.motherson.com 9933539596 Sales Kolkata
Vijay Surve scroll@aim.motherson.com 9920858344 Sales Mumbai
Praveen Chauhan biz@aim.motherson.com 9910394044 Sales Noida
Sanjay Sharma ncr@aim.motherson.com 9871897219 Sales
Pramod Kumar Singh pramod@aim.motherson.com 9929105332 Sales
Anirvan Gupta anirvan_gupta@aim.motherson.com 9871362399 Sales